A little bit about me


Hi there!

I'm Antoine and i shoot concerts and events professionally

I've been shooting gigs, concerts and festivals in Malaysia since 2013 after I took my camera along to one of my bands shows. Quickly I made my way around the local Malaysian music scene being known as "The Frenchie" or simply; "that French photographer". In those few years I've worked closely with top Malaysian artists such as "Russel Curtis", "OAG", "Kyoto Protocol", "Tres Empre", to name a few, and at multiple music festivals and shows around Malaysia.

In 2016, I moved to Melbourne, Australia where I'm currently based and I've been able to shoot various local bands and international acts as well as several festivals like Moomba and the Melbourne Jazz Festival.

Currently shooting for HEAVY Music Magazine.



Previously having been in a band myself, I keep independent bands and artists in mind, providing professional services at an affordable rate.


So if you've got an awesome show you want shot; an album launch you want immortalized or just photos of a cool gig;

You can always call that french photographer.